Stefano Bertoni Arch.

My name is Stefano Bertoni and I was born July, 1st 1985 in Italy.
I started studying architecture in 2005 at the Politecnico di Milano and I graduated in 2008.
My thesis was about the geometry of vineyard and it was curated by Prof.Arch. Darko Pandakovich.
In 2008 my project for the arbor of Yenikapi in Instanbul was chosen for an exhibition at Istanbul politecnique and the next year my work made for the new exibition pole for Calusco d'Adda was included in an exhibition about this area and it was published in "Progettazione dell'architettura sostenibile" edited by CLUP in 2011.
In 2011 I postgraduated in sustainable architecture with a project for the Vienna house of music V.H.O.M., curated by Prof.Arch. Roberto Spagnolo and with assistant supervisor Prof.Arch. Gianni Scudo.
With this project I participated to an international student contest and my work was mentioned between the finalists by the jury presided by Josep Maria Montaner.



In 2009 I started making videos to show my projects. I've worked with Iacopo Boccalari and toghether we made some good stuff. The Gallery below contains some of my works.


Wen I was 10 I went to on field trip to a zoo near Milan, my father gave me a small automatic camera and few money to buy something to eat.
When I came back home I hadn't eaten anything because i spent all my money for new films to shot animals. Since that moment I realy love cameras and photography.
In the gallery below there's some of my photos published on my flickr account.


here you can find some of my contacts.